Our Services

Alternative Education

Himmat offers schools alternative provision for young people in a friendly and safe environment which aims to build positive and trusted relationships, social skills and wellbeing.

Youth Work

Himmat runs a Youth Centre 3 days a week.  It takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 6pm and 8pm and Saturdays from 10am until 1pm.

Respect Rights Responsibility (Triple R)

Triple R is a personal development programme that aims to instil a sense of belonging amongst young people and encourages tolerance, mutual respect and community cohesion.

Stronger Families

Himmat is part of the National Stronger Families Project which supports parents to gain access training, start job searching and find employment.

Sports Coaching

Halifax Sports Club runs successful football teams and is helping to build a strong rapport and trust with local young people. Why not come train and play with us?

Study Support Services

In partnership with local schools we provide   the SSS targeting Year 4, 5 and 6 students who are identified as struggling to reach Level 4 in English and maths by their SATs.


Himmat has a proud track record of volunteer development through community engagement opportunities, work experience and student placements.

We are part of the Stronger Families programme.

The Stronger Families Programme supports people across Bradford and Leeds who are facing challenges in being able to develop their skills, move towards the world of work and secure employment. Taking part in the programme is entirely voluntary and is available to anyone who meets the eligibility criteria. We are one of the partner organisations involved providing expertise supporting families and giving them the skills and confidence they need to move forward.

Each participant, and their family, will have someone who works with them as a Key Worker, helping then to access support from across their local area. If you would like additional information please contact us or click here to be redirected to the Council Website.

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