About Us

Himmat is based in Bradford and Calderdale and offers young people the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and confidence, thus enabling and empowering them to decide their own futures. The Himmat Project was established in 1991 supported by a grant from the Home Office. By 1996 it had become a charity and a company limited by guarantee, with funding from multiple local and national sources. It has formed successful partnerships with many local agencies, which are represented on the Management Committee.  All our projects offer effective, culturally specific and religiously sensitive support for all our clients and service users.

Services currently on offer include:

  • Alternative Education
  • Study Support
  • Youth Provision
  • Sports Coaching
  • Triple R

Himmat Alternative Education Provision

Himmat offers alternative education provision for young people in a friendly and safe environment which aims to build positive and trusted relationships, build young peoples social skills and increase a sense of wellbeing. We offer individually tailored and differentiated learning plans for all our students.  Students study accredited Functional Skills maths, English and ICT which run alongside students’ vocational choices which include a Youth Train qualification in Sport, Cooking, Mechanics and our own accredited programme Respect Rights and Responsibility (see below).  All our staff are experienced educators and SEND practitioners.

For further information on programmes, awarding bodies and cost please contact Joanne Watts, Senior Project Manager, at jo@himmat.org or on07850513256.

Respect Rights Responsibility (Triple R)

Triple R is a personal development programme that aims to instil a sense of belonging amongst young people and encourages tolerance, mutual respect and community cohesion. Through the delivery of this programme we demonstrate that education can be a force for good and that through positive dialogue it is possible to overcome the many difficult issues facing communities which have seen a spike in Hate Crimes over the last few years due to some members of our communities fear, prejudice and stereotypes.

How does the programme work?

The programme, fully endorsed by the Youth Justice Board, offers six modules that address a wide range of issues. The modules are delivered in safe settings by experienced staff using materials developed by Himmat for use with young people. All the modules are structured to help develop a positive and constructive outlook amongst young people towards their place in the community and what they can contribute to it.  It can be delivered individually or in small groups at one of our centres or within schools or community group settings.  All participants receive certification once the course is complete.

Triple R can be commissioned for groups, schools and  one-to-one support.  For further information on the programme, awarding body and cost please contact Joanne Watts, Senior Project Manager, at jo@himmat.org or on 07850513256.

Study Support Service (SSS)

In Halifax we provide the SSS targeting Year 4, 5 and 6 students who are identified as struggling to reach Level 4 in English and maths by their SATs. The scheme runs twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6pm-730pm during term time and caters for a maximum of 10 pupils per session.  One session is maths and the other is English.  Children can attend one or both sessions each week.

Himmat Youth Centre

Himmat runs Youth Centre 2 days a week.  It takes place on  Thursday evenings from 5pm until 8pm and Saturdays from 4pm until 7pm.  As well as various thematic projects, guest speakers and activities Himmat offers local young people a safe, nurturing environment to spend time with each other, the qualified youth workers and volunteers.  Furthermore every session gives young people the opportunity to access our sports facilities, games such as table tennis, pool, table football, gaming and board games. We have various youth outings throughout the year and each summer offer the chance to go on one of our challenging outdoor bounds residential trips.

Sports Coaching

Halifax Sports Club  runs successful football teams and is helping to build a strong rapport and trust with local young people. Why not come train and play with us?  We are currently developing a sports field behind our Raven Street building which we expect to be complete by July 2019.


Himmat has a proud track record of volunteer development through community engagement opportunities, work experience and student placements. These placements often lead to paid employment opportunities. We offer a range of youth and community activities to engage young people