Respect Rights Responsibility (Triple R)

The Triple R programme is a unique programme delivered throughout the Bradford / West Yorkshire areas and is fully endorsed by the Youth Justice Board.

Himmat in partnership with West York Probation and the police devised the R.I.O  programme which  looked at a new framework of rehabilitating offenders back in to the community and the work staff had undertaken with prisoners  to help re-integrate  back in to the community.

The Triple R programme goes from strength to strength each year while working in a wide range of local area’s.  This has become evident in the delivery over the past 17 years. We aim to increase diversity and the sense of belonging.   Our unique delivery insures that we are culturally morally and religiously aware of relevant issues. This creates awareness of victim issues and the effects this has on the community as well as promoting modal citizenship.

Working on a one to one basis with young people and families to tackle extreme ideology and misconception they may have. In the current climate our work has been beneficial due to the on-going issues locally and internationally.

The Triple R Programme – Rights, Respect and Responsibilities

The Triple R programme emerged from work done after the Bradford riots with young people, West Yorkshire Probation and West Yorkshire Police. Led by Himmat, this unique programme  provided a framework primarily for the rehabilitation of offenders and re-integration into community life.

The Triple R programme is a unique copywrited and certified Level 1 programme – developed and refreshed over the last 17 years to remain relevant and responsive to local need. The unique approach of staff and the flexibility of the resource enables us to build a young person’s sense of belonging, build empathy and address moral and cultural issues sensitively.

Working 121, in groups or with families the programme is a framework that enables us to tackle a wide range of issues that may be affecting lives and communities – extreme ideology; hate; self-esteem; cultural assumptions; gender issues or aspiration, the Triple R programme enables issues to be identified, talked about and addressed.

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